Generating sets  
The selection of alternators

  Only choose the best alternator for you

   Adopts Germany H class Elantas insulation painting and dampproof, anti-salt, anti-fungus painting, make all copper wires with zero air gap. All the copper wires are varnished for 3 times, rotator and stator all painted with above painting.

   Adopt low-loss cold-rolled silicon steel sheet BAOSTEEL 470, adopts 200 degree varnished copper wires with small resistance coefficient, adopt reasonable wind-way structure, can reduce the alternator loss, raise efficiency.

   Adopts special & steady exciting system which is suitable for all kinds of start request, high quality AVR and PMG system(optional).

   Super low subtransient reactance, suitable for all kinds of nonlinear load

   Adopts high class dynamic balance accuracy class, can reduce the vibration when running

   Excellent steady & dynamic adjust rate

   Warranty for 24 months

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